Heras Temporary Fence Banners

Mesh full colour banner with eyelets. 3420mm x 1750mm is a popular size, however contact us for other sizes you require.



Long Lasting Outdoor Mesh Banners

Tough mesh banners with welded hems, eyelets and/or pole pockets to the highest standards in the industry. Superbly high quality printed using fade-resistant outdoor inks. When correctly fitted they will last years outdoors, in sun, wind and rain.

Strong, yet lets wind through

Mesh vinyl banner material is much lighter in weight than a traditional frontlit pvc banner. Winds of 30mph+ will damage normal pvc banners, hems and eyelets may be ripped out. Remember that a large non-mesh banner acts as a giant sail. Gusts of wind can easily destroy it as well as affect the structure it is fitted to. Larger non-mesh banners are fine as long as they are installed against a solid surface or within a fixed wall-mounted tension-frame system.

Although they cost the same initially as a standard PVC Banner, thanks to a lower wind resistance factor, Mesh Wind Banners last much longer outdoors in typical British weather conditions – making them cheaper in the long run.

Mesh banner material contains thousands of tiny holes to decrease wind resistance.